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Established in 1924, ASAM SA is one of the biggest Romanian private manufacturers with two core business lines: industry and automotive. With a consistent patents and inventions portfolio, ASAM S.A. is oriented toward research and innovation. Maintaining its tradition, this concern is one of the most important chapters of ASAM SA objective nowadays. This leads to a constant and continuous update of the product range and of the production capacities, in order to meet the market dynamic demands.

Our company provides spare parts for passenger cars and trucks, for the domestic and export markets. The automotive range contains a wide variety of products, from brake discs, tie rods, steering rods, wheel hubs and clutch kits, to tow bars.

With over 35 years of experience in the automotive sector, by means of an integrated production system containing both primary and secondary sectors, ASAM can offer high quality forged and cast parts, according to customer’s requirements. The high production standards and the quality of our products are certified by ISO TS 16949 since 2007.

ASAM owns a 10 to/shift modern foundry line, with automatic molding and efficient induction furnaces, the biggest one in this part of the country. ASAM SA laboratories are specialized in chemical analysis, mechanical tests, metal spectral and metallographic analysis, mechanical tests and hardness measurements.

ASAM forge is equipped with big capacity presses, up to 1000 tons and a maxi press of 10.000 tons power. This allows the challenging process of manufacturing extremely complex parts. The molds we’re using for forging products are internally designed and produced by ASAM specialists in our own tolling shop. The forge workshop has 2 medium capacity furnaces, ensuring optimum heating of the semi manufactured product and high quality of the forged part.

Our philosophy, the result of almost 100 years in this industry, contains simple but efficient rules impacting over every part of our business:

  • Respect for our partners
  • Quality standards
  • Labor specialization
  • Cost reduction by technical and technological update

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