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Company Overview

Having a tradition since 1924, Asam is one of the biggest industrial producers from Romania, its main activity being industrial and auto parts & subunits production. By tradition ASAM S.A. is oriented towards research and innovation, having a consistent portfolio of patents and inventions. This concern still exists today maintaining tradition in this way. Due to this fact the product portfolio and the production capacities are permanently adapted to the internal requirements and for export that are growing bigger and more complex.

The company provides a variety of parts, such as: consumables, spare parts for cars and trucks, for the domestic market as well as for export. The main range of products manufactured vary from ventilated and non-ventilated disc brakes, tie rod ends, steering connecting rods, wheel hubs, brake drums and clutch kits, to towing devices (locking devices and towing hooks). With an experience of over 35 years in this field, as well as with an integrated production system containing both primary and secondary sectors, ASAM can offer forged parts, castings but also finished pieces and assemblies according to customer’s requirements. The guarantee of the products in this area is certified by ISO TS 16949 since 2007.

ASAM owns a modern foundry line with automatic molding and efficient induction furnaces with controlled atmosphere.  It is the biggest foundry of this type in Moldova, having a molding capacity of 10 tons on a shift. ASAM laboratories are specialized in chemical analysis, methodology and mechanical tests, spectral analysis for molded steels and metals, metallographic analysis, mechanical tests, hardness measurements. ASAM laboratories have RENAR accreditation. ASAM forge is equipped with press machines with big capacity, from 400 up to 1000 tons and a maxi press of 10.000 tons power. This equipment allowed the assimilation during manufacturing process of some forged parts being extremely complex. The matrices used in forging processes are designed and executed by ASAM specialists in SDV own division. The forge division owns 2 furnaces of medium capacity with controlled atmosphere – ensuring optimum heating of the semi manufactured good and high quality of the forged parts.

With a background of almost 100 years of activity in the industry, the company’s strategy is based on a series of values guiding every business directive:

  • Develop long term partnerships
  • New quality standards
  • Learn to reduce costs by implementing efficient production practices
  • Create an efficient workforce aware of the need for new quality standards


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